Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Moral Equivalency Between Christianity and Islam: Stoning

To those who would suggest a moral equivalency exists between Christianity and Islam, I challenge:

Once a man lived who witnessed a woman to be stoned for adultery. He admonished the blood frenzied crowd by saying, "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone."

Then consider the barbaric creatures, like those in this video, who routinely practice this form of murder for that very crime. They do so because the prophet wills it. As Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Majahid suggests, "Anyone who knows about Islam knows that stoning is in the Koran, and that it is Islamic law. There are people who call it inhuman - but in doing so they insult the Prophet."

According to the Life of Muhammad:
"To test Muhammad, the rabbis sent to him a married man and a married Jewish woman who had committed adultery together. "If he condemns them to the tajah(whereby the criminals are lashed with a rope of date fibres dipped in resin)then obey him, for he is a prince. But if he condemns them to be stoned, he is a Prophet and be on your guard against him."23 The Holy Prophet ordered the pair to be stoned: the man bent over his mistress to protect her from the stones, but they were both killed."
If you can still believe a moral equivalency exists between the two faiths' foundational principles, I would assert that you are devoid of reason.

William Sullivan

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Beyond the Smoke and Mirrors, We See the Fruits of This Administration's "Stimulus"

Banks are profiting from home foreclosures at incredible levels on the taxpayer dime, but only those banks that are in bed with the right politicians.

Where is all the reporting on this? Why is no one grabbing this information and running with it? Frank, Dodd, Freddie, and Fannie have been cooking the mortgage books since the Clinton administration, and sweetheart deals like this are a direct result of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, coupled with the fact that cronyism is at an all time high under the Obama administration.

Incentivizing foreclosure for profit. What an absolute sham!

See video below. It breaks down, in very clear terms, our benevolent overseers' scheme to rape taxpayers to pay the banks.

Knowing how Barry and friends are spending the money they stole from you, how do you feel about that stimulus, America? Ready for more?

Monday, January 10, 2011

Horowitz Encounters the Tolerance of American Muslims

It is very important that people watch this.

The Muslim Students' Association, MSA, is allegedly financially tied to terrorist backing, according to Horowitz. This young Muslim woman disagrees.

But how would she know? She can't call Hamas or Hizballah terrorist organizations, both groups who advocate an Israeli genocide to advance Islamic hegemony, so what is her estimation of what constitutes a terrorist organization?

The left claims that Muslims in this country are peaceful, yet they are misundertood. But the truth is that many American Muslims are militant zealots like the hateful creature in this video, yet they are ignored.