Thursday, October 15, 2009


Welcome to Political Palaver. This blog was started as an outlet for political thought and commentary primarily focused on current events. As of right now there are two contributing authors, William Sullivan and Calvin Parker. We both enjoy writing about and debating political ideology and discussing how these ideas and actions effect the world around us. Until now our writings have been limited to group e-mails, political chat rooms and editorial responses in newspapers and magazines. By starting this blog, we hope to have a place not only to express our ideas, but also to reach a wider audience and receive feedback. Comments and feedback are a vital part of what we hope to accomplish here. After all, debate is healthy. We pride ourselves in being well researched when discussing a topic and whenever possible, we will provide figures and sources to reinforce our opinions. We do ask that the same care is given when commenting or providing feedback. We will try to write between 2-5 articles a week and respond to any feedback as soon as possible. We hope you enjoy whats to come and thanks for reading Political Palaver.

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