Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Breaking News: California still prefers ignorant protest to common sense

A police officer has recently killed a man in Los Angeles for threatening the lives of civilians and charging the officer with an upraised knife in-hand. Beyond all perceivable logic, the citizens of Los Angeles are protesting the shooting.

From an article reporting the incident:

Police said three bicycle officers were patrolling the area Sunday when someone flagged them down and said a man was threatening passers-by with a knife.

When officers confronted the man, they ordered him to drop the knife but he refused, Lt. Andrew Neiman said.

"Instead, he came after the officers with a knife raised in the air, leading one of the officers to fire at the suspect," Neiman said.

Authorities have not released the man's name. However, friends identified him as Manuel Jamines, 37, a construction worker and father of three.

Protesters contend the man was not dangerous and say officers should have used a non-lethal weapon to subdue him.

They contend he wasn't dangerous? Really? They couldn't have come to that conclusion rationally. Seriously, in what universe is a knife-wielding man charging at you not dangerous? What knowledge do these idiotic protestors have that was not at the disposal of the officers and witnesses who saw firsthand the danger he posed? How ignorant and misguided can these protestors possibly be?

William Sullivan

Update 9/8/10: There has been an escalation by the protestors overnight.

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