Monday, November 8, 2010


Fundamental Islamists continue showing that they lack even an ounce of human decency. A plot has just been exposed, revealing that Al Qaeda operatives surgically implanted explosives and detonators inside of two poor pooches, and placed them in crates to be loaded onto a flight to America.The idea was that they would be detonated mid-air, killing innocent men, women, and children. As a result, Allah would be appeased by the blood sacrifice, and then upon dying, the terrorists would go to their mythical paradise of wine, fine foods, and carnal orgies with young virgins.

Thankfully, it turns out that these soulless Al Qaeda nutjobs are not much good at anything beyond mindlessly killing themselves (a talent we wish they would practice alone), least of all surgical operation. So the pups died from the shoddy stitching prior to taking off, and the plot was thwarted.

While this does not scratch the surface of fundamental Islamic terrorists’ moral depravity (they have been known to recruit mentally-challenged women as unknowing suicide-bombers), it does provide another excellent example of how fundamental Islam uses our compassion against us. Animal rescue groups and American GIs often bring Middle Eastern dogs to our country in an effort to provide them a more humane lifestyle, and we can plainly see that Islamic terrorists attempted to exploit that fact.

This event is just another in what has been a series of clear reminders that there is a very real threat posed by fundamental Islam. Though many Americans choose to ignore this threat’s existence, and our president refuses to call it by its name, it does not change the fact that there are fundamentalist Muslims that seek to indiscriminately kill as many Americans as they possibly can. This is evidenced by the fact that hundreds of randomly chosen Americans have been targeted for death over the last year by Islamic terrorists. However, the attacks have been glossed over, because these Americans were granted an unintended stay of execution, owed to a careless bomb placement in Times Square, a poor tailoring job on a plane over Detroit, and a recently botched veterinary procedure at the Baghdad airport.

I shudder to think the consequences of our luck running out. But maybe that is what it will take for our media to spread the word that we are under attack. Because I find it frightening that an attempted terrorist attack that could have killed hundreds seems to be flying under the radar of the mainstream media outlets.

William Sullivan

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