Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Race Before Reason

Rick Santorum effectively destroyed Sharpton's moral credibility a couple of weeks ago. Santorum had suggested that, as a black man and a constitutional lawyer who should be sensitive about civil rights, our president should be against abortion in all forms. Sharpton took exception to that, and was subsequently beaten down by the logic that spewed forth from Santorum's mouth.

Santorum suggested that unborn children are legally allowed to be killed and siphoned from their mother's womb for the same reason that slavery was tolerated: an obscure legal distinction about the value of their lives in society.

This makes perfect sense to most people-- but not Sharpton. Al goes on to suggest that this scenario is entirely different, because it was not a state of biological development that caused the obscurity for blacks; whether a fetus or an elderly, blacks were considered less worthy of civil rights than others. He goes on to question the humanity of the fetus, whether it has a heartbeat, or developed lungs, is crucial to the abortion debate.

Really, Al? Even many of the pro-choice abortion advocates I speak with or encounter blogging concede the fact that the fetus, after a certain point in fetal development, is a human life. And for those that are still wacky enough to argue otherwise, science, not religious doctrine, handily proves them wrong. After twenty weeks or so, a fetus can sleep, urinate, and respond rapidly to stimulus such as a bright light. This would also suggest the nervous development to feel pain. Yet pro-choice advocates would still suggest they be eligible for legal destruction?

Going even further, (as I'm sure Al knows, being a fan of Obama and all) our president failed to vote against infanticide, or partial birth abortions. Maybe Al should think about that. Our president has advocated the murder of a fully developed fetus, so in Obama's eyes, biological development, or any lack thereof, obviously isn't any concern of his. It is apparently his belief that a fully developed child lacks not only civil, but human rights until the moment he leaves his first home in the womb.

Santorum's points about the fetus’ lack of legal humanity certainly stand true. What about his contention that the unborn children of the black community are bearing the brunt of the savagery?

Not only is this a tragic fact, but destroying the unborn children of the black community has even been suggested as public policy by leaders such as Nancy Pelosi! She has suggested that abortion be a vital factor in her version of a “final solution” to stemming the social cost of welfare. And we certainly don’t have to remind Al Sharpton about the racial tapestry of the welfare recipients in this country. He’s made quite a comfortable living exploiting poverty stricken blacks.

And his reluctance to pay taxes for his success presents yet another blow to his moral credibility, this one being rather ironic. On one hand, he insists that the rich should pay heftier taxes in order to provide for the blacks in poverty that he and Obama wish to keep aborting at holocaustic levels. On the other, he refuses to pay the taxes that would be redistributed among the masses that he supposedly champions.

There is nothing to revere in the “Reverend” Al Sharpton. Rather, he seems to lack any semblance of a moral compass, clinging to race-baiting and defense of President Obama rather than embracing morality and reason.

William Sullivan

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