Friday, April 15, 2011

To New York: Consider the Shuttle a Gift. Sincerely, Texas

Anyone with half a brain knows that the first two places ever considered for retired NASA shuttles should be Houston, TX and Cape Canaverel, FL. No two cities are more identified with or have done more for space exploration.

But New York, known more for pizza and rude inhabitants than space travel, will now be home to a retired shuttle, while Houston got snubbed. Texans are understandably confused, so Chuck Schumer said in response:

"When people from Paris, Beijing, Tokyo and Amsterdam start saying they want to go to Houston, maybe then they'll get a shuttle," Schumer told the Daily News. "I'd say to Texas, don't mess with New York."

Sorry, Chuck. No one's buying that you're a tough guy. And thanks for confirming that "arrogant New Yorker" stereotype.

I'd go on, but I think AlamoZ in the comment section of the linked article pretty much sums up what is likely every Texan's feelings on the matter:

That's okay Schumer, New York can keep the shuttle. In fact, California can keep theirs too. Texas will just keep on taking all of your tax-burdened corporations as well as your productive members of society.

Now that just could not be said any better.

William Sullivan

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  1. What is the big deal? Look at it this way Obama is already shutting down the majoiry of N.A.S.A. in Houston, why? Who knows maybe the same reason Texas couldn't get a shuttle.

    But with more and more finical offices moving from New York City to Texas, it will be funny when Wall Street is all but a tourist atraction and Houston will ask to have it moved.