Thursday, July 21, 2011

Political Trivia: How Many Times Must a Question Be Answered For Chris Matthews to Finally Understand?

Ten?  A hundred?  A thousand?!? 

You got me. It's a trick question. Unless Chris Matthews likes your answer, (that is, unless your answer jives with the Obama administration's talking points) he'll just never, ever get it.

Take this clip from his show. It's a fantastic example of what I'm talking about. Here's the gist, but watch if you have ten minutes, as seeing Matthews get absolutley destroyed is well worth the time invested.

Matthews: "What is the GOP plan to cut budgets in the House bill?"
GOP Rep Walsh: "There are $111 billion in non-defense discretionary spending cuts that will be determined through bi-partisan negotion."
Matthews: "Yeah, Congressman, but there are no cuts in the bill."
Walsh: "Umm, there are $111 billion worth of cuts."
Matthews: "But Congressman, can you just answer the question, please? Where are the spending cuts?"
Walsh: "Look, you moron, there are $111 billion in cuts outlined in the bill! Your president may send thrills up your leg with his rhetoric, but I take issue with the indisputable, reprehensible lie he has told the American people in efforts to scare them into accepting his spendthrift agenda!  80% of America supports a balanced budget amendment. Most states have to live with one, and all households do.  It's something the American people understand, why can't you?"
Matthews:  "Yeah, yeah, Congressman.  But lemme ask you this.  Where are the cuts?"

They say you can't fix stupid.  And if that's true, Chris Matthews is truly FUBAR.

William Sullivan

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