Monday, November 21, 2011

Regarding Butterhalal Turkeys

To Butterball Representative Stephanie Styons:

My name is William Sullivan, and I am a financial advisor and author that frequently contributes to online magazines such as RedState, WorldNetDaily, and American Thinker. I am writing to you in regard to a recent piece at American Thinker by Pamela Geller asserting that all turkeys distributed by Butterball are "certified halal."

The implication of this that is each turkey is ritualistically slaughtered while invoking Allah, the god described by Islam's prohet Muhammad.

Though I am not overtly religious, millions of Christians might not like this. But apparently, your company feels that this should not matter on a holiday memorializing a Christian celebration. I know, I know. It's completely justified for Muslims to practice a self-imposed mandate to only eat this food that that has been sacrificed to their god, but it's utterly ridiculous that Christians might want to avoid eating food that was sacrificed to a god other than their own . But if I could pose just a simple question to you: Wouldn't it make more sense for Butterball to simply offer some turkeys labeled clearly as "halal" for the American minority of Muslims? Why have you instead chosen to force millions of Americans to do something they that they normally would not with this "stealth halal" ploy? I am generously assuming your company to be capable of reason, and you have to have known that Christians would not knowingly purchase food that has been slaughtered according to Islamic ritual. So why have you chosen to holistically do this with your product?

Unless I hear otherwise from you, I will do all I can to urge my family, friends, and readers to boycott all Butterball products until you offer a non-halal option. (Honestly, the fact that I must make this request in a nation that has a very limited Islamic population makes your practices seem utterly absurd) Please know that I and my family have loyally purchased your products in the past. But until you can meet this incredibly simple request, you will receive not one dime from us. And I will not be alone.

Happy Thanksgiving!

With the utmost sincerity,

William Sullivan

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