Thursday, December 1, 2011

Adam Carolla on the Politics of Envy and the Shame-Driven Angst of the Occupiers

The problem reasonable Americans have had in addressing the Occupy Wall Street crowd has stemmed from our propensity to be just that: reasonable. How do you have a rational conversation with someone who is decrying the evils of capitalism while copiously taking in its fruits in the form of iPhones and double-tall Starbucks lattes? What do you say to a a girl that wonders why her $96K degree in Hispanic transgender gay and lesbian studies didn't land her a meaningful job? Would it be possible to explain how a free market works when a person understands so little about money that he feels entitled to as much as he demands for having done nothing? And is there any possible hope of reasoning with a person whose idea of meaningful expression is publically defecating on a police car or a flag?

You can't reason with them. You just sit back and thank God that only a small demographic shares their disease. And you hope they go away. And when they don't, you're left to scratch your head at why the media chooses to put 100 agitators claiming "99%" status in the spotlight. You sit in awe as certain politicians lend such a farcical movement support.

But now it's clear that we can't reason with them, and we can't just ignore them.  Civility goes nowhere when you're dealing with the uncivil. These Occupiers have the worldly understanding of children, and their methods are often sub-human.  And they should be spoken to as such.

Adam Carolla does just that in the clip below.  Be forewarned- it is chock-full of foul language, politically incorrect assessments, and all the other things you've been thinking for years about our coddling, "everyone gets a trophy for trying" society that has placed a premium on mediocrity- while discouraging and demonizing exceptionalism.

William Sullivan

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