Wednesday, June 13, 2012

DNC Fuhrer Hitler Upset About Unions' Loss In Wisconsin

We've all seen (and likely have become tired of) the running internet meme of users creating augmented videos of Adolf Hitler- flawlessly portrayed by Bruno Ganz in the historical drama Downfall- ranting about various news items, at one time enraged about a Dallas Cowboys' playoff loss the New York Giants, at another upset about Disney's acquisition of Marvel, Inc., and we've even seen him fly off the handle at the news that his parody videos are being taken down from sites like YouTube. Sure, the theme is tired.  But this one, meant to capture the DNC's disgust at their labor union generals' inability to deliver a victory in the Wisconsin recall election, manages to refresh the meme's relevance with some sharp observations. Check it out. As I introduced my most recent article published at American Thinker: "Democrats are settling into a hybrid state of denial, anger, and depression in the aftermath of the Wisconsin election, where Scott Walker handed them an historic and embarassing defeat." (Read the article here.) In this video, Hitler captures all three of these emotions nicely.

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