Monday, February 16, 2015

Netanyahu Urges Jews in Europe to Heed the Writing on the Wall

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Jews have had reason for fear in Europe.  Disregard all the historical reasoning you've heard.  No, Jews have a reason for fear in the new, enlightened Europe, which has the benefit of seeing the horrific results of Nazi Germany's industrial eradication of Jews upon racial predication.

The new Europe seems more interested in atoning for supposed transgressions against Arabs than protecting its Jewish citizens from foreign denizens who would deny them an existence as a matter of religious impulse.

As told by the American criers:

"Mindful of the demographics and the strains of anti-Semitism in their country's past," the New York Times declared in 2003, "French officials are struggling to denounce anti-Semitism without fueling racism toward France's ethnic Arab-Muslim population."

I quoted this blurb in a piece I wrote for American Thinker, and I didn't quite catch the gravity of it.  I focused on how it's sickening that French officials had to "struggle" to denounce anti-Semitism.

No, the most sickening factor in this story, and every story ever since, is the notion that denouncing anti-Semitism might fuel more anti-Semitism amongst the French (particularly French-Arab) populace.

This is no revelation to the Jews living in France.  They'd committed to an Exodus long before my typing this piece.  European Jews have been long told, and shown, that they don't belong. 

"Jews with a conscience should leave Holland, where they and their children have no future, leave for the U.S or Israel."  Fritz Bolkenstein said that, a harrowing cry that, again Jews have heeded to some extent.

Now Benjamin Netanyahu tells Jews in Europe that they have a home in Israel.  "We are preparing and calling for the absorption of mass immigration from Europe."

Who stands with them beyond Benjamin Netanyahu, who garners more respect among thinking Americans than our own President?  Why should they not heed that call?

And how on Earth could we possibly not see the writing on this wall, and the conflict which will arise as a result of Europe's capitulation to anti-Semitic (Islamic or otherwise) sentiments?

William Sullvan 

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