Thursday, March 10, 2011

Still Batting .1000 Against Fundamentalist Islam, Robert Spencer Hits Another Pair of Homeruns

Robert Spencer has made a living socking dingers off the weak rhetoric of Islamic apologists in Western culture. And if you missed it, his latest two were pretty impressive.

Barack Obama sent his national security advisor, Denis McDonough, to quell the fury of protesters who claim that the Congressional hearings on Islamic radicalism "unfairly single out Muslims as potential terrorists."

McDonough said to a Washington-area mosque: "Being religious is never un-American. Being religious is quintessentially American."

To which the venerable Robert Spencer replies on his website,

Really? Being religious in any way? Then why was the Waco compound besieged and burned down? Why was Mormon polygamy outlawed? Jim Jones was a terrific fellow?

The U.S. has in the past identified ways in which being religious might be harmful to the national security. Now we face a threat from people who commit violence and explain and justify their actions by reference to the texts and teachings of a particular religion, and the White House is saying that any investigation of that is out of the question. Will this not have the effect of ensuring that the unexamined, unresisted behavior will continue?

McDonough served him up, so Robert smacked it 380 feet over the left field wall.

In a separate at-bat, Spencer expands upon the undeniable fact that the government is entirely selective about which religions it prosecutes or protects. He references that a 17 year old Islamic protester named Anam Chaudhry, who “pointedly wrapped herself in an American flag,” said "I'm not some sort of alien. I'm like everyone else... It's a shame that some people can't see that. But we come in peace."

It’s safe to assume that Robert expected the gist of what Anam had to say. He’s been in the game long enough to know that an Islamic apologist calling everyone else intolerant is the only pitch they can bring: high, inside heat meant to scare the batter enough to back out of the box altogether. But Spencer has learned to hit it with gusto. He just digs in, and responds:

Does Anam Chaudhry, wrapped up in her flag, really think that Congressional hearings about jihad activity in the U.S. actually threaten her? Why? If there were an armed group of Christian terrorists plotting violence in the U.S. and justifying them by reference to Bible texts, and a Congressmen held hearings about the radicalization of Christians, would non-radical Christians feel threatened? Should they feel threatened? Or might the claim that such hearings did indeed threaten non-radical Christians be an attempt at fearmongering by the radicals, designed to intimidate those holding the hearings into being too afraid of public pressure to accomplish anything useful?

450 feet over the center field fence. And I’m sure in his next at-bat, he’ll hit another homerun. It’s getting so that we don’t wonder if he will hit one off of these scrubs, we just wonder how far.

We’re witnessing some of the most amazing stuff ever. Robert Spencer should be a national icon, a hero for his work in exposing fundamental Islam. It’s clear, there’s just nothing that that fundamentalist Muslims or Islamic apologists can say that can stop his hellacious assault of logic and reason!

So why are all the cheers and accolades for his performance so muffled? It’s because so few of us are actually in the stadium watching the game. Millions of drones are sitting in awe next door, watching Obama’s grandiose, staged performance, complete with politically correct clowns and jugglers of the truth.

William Sullivan

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