Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Broken Oath: Politicians Who Ignore the Ramifications of Illegal Immigration

At 3:45 AM on May 29th, Houston Police Officer Kevin Will was killed in the line of duty when an intoxicated driver ran through a police barricade that was protecting an accident scene that Will was investigating. Will’s last act, before he was run down and dragged, was to save the life of a bystander that would have been struck as well if not for the officer’s selfless actions. The suspect fled the scene and was soon caught. Johoan Rodriguez, who is charged with the officer’s death, is a twice deported illegal immigrant.

Houston is known as a “sanctuary city” where, for decades, mayors and city council representatives have adhered to a policy that prohibits police officers from not only taking aggressive actions towards arresting illegals but forbids arrests when illegal residence is the only crime. When illegals are arrested for other crimes, very few are reported to ICE. In 2006 HPD Officer Rodney Johnson was shot and killed by an illegal immigrant. In 2009 HPD Officer Rick Salter was critically injured when he was shot by yet another illegal immigrant, Wilfredo Alfaro. Alfaro was ordered out of the U.S. by an immigration judge in March 2001, returned illegally and was arrested three times before the shooting.
The mayor at the time, Bill White, begrudgingly implemented the ICE 287(g) jailer training program to properly identify and report illegals who were jailed, but did so only after the ensuing outrage over the Salter shooting. The program was later deemed too controversial and was scrapped. In fact, illegal immigrants are responsible for five out of the last seven HPD officers to have been killed or critically injured in the line of duty. Not to mention the countless crimes against civilians committed by illegals in the city, such as the gunning down of 14 year old Shatavia Anderson in 2010 or the numerous DWI deaths caused by illegals. Current Houston mayor, Annise Parker, who was city controller under White, has shown no willingness to change the current sanctuary city policies in Houston.

Unfortunately, stories like these are not isolated to Houston, but are actually commonplace throughout the United States. Yet, just over two weeks before Officer Will’s death, President Obama stood in El Paso joking about putting moats filled with alligators on the border. The common thread between the three cop killing illegals mentioned in Houston, besides being in the country illegally of course, is the fact that they managed to get right back in after being deported. Yet, Obama insists that the borders are secure. The fact is that they have never been secure. Obama refuses to meet with Texas governor Perry to discuss adding additional manpower to the borders. He sues Arizona, who due to lack of federal action, has tried to take it upon themselves to arrest and deport people for the crime of being in this country illegally. The simple logic being, if they aren’t here, then they can’t commit the crime. One preventable death, is one death too many. He invites Felipe Calderon to speak in front of Congress who proceeds to lambaste Arizona to the applause of Democrats. No foreign head of state has ever done such a thing, and yet silence by the President.

Kevin Will took an oath to protect the citizens of Houston and he did so in the most honorable way. Mayor Annise Parker and President Barack Obama also took an oath. As did countless other city, county, state and national leaders who either have ignored or have facilitated illegal immigrants. Their oath is to protect the citizens of their respective jurisdictions. They break that oath daily. For them and those who support them, there is no honor.

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