Monday, May 23, 2011

This Week at Presidential University - Netanyahu Gives Lesson About Middle East

This video must be seen.

Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel visited President Obama immediately after the president's suggestion that Israel be willing to withdraw its borders to the pre-1967 lines that existed before the Six-Day War. This means returning Gaza and the West Bank that Israeli citizens have settled.

Netanyahu calmly gives our president a history lesson, which I can only assume he had never heard before this day- for if he had, there is no possible way he could make the suggestion that he did. Either that, or he is willfully colluding against Israel.

But obviously, Benjamin Netanyahu has faith that Obama's horrible judgment was simply ignorance of history, for which he can be forgiven.

In watching Netanyahu speak, I see strength and resolve. Outward and genuine respect. Compassion for his people. Intelligence and prudent foresight. I see a leader that is worthy of my admiration, a leader that I would gladly follow, and I am thankful the Israelis elected. In watching Obama, I see a man reciting political rhetoric, as we now know, from a teleprompter. Incitement to envy and class welfare. Murky ambition in supporting Middle Eastern uprisings. And in his befuddled face, as Netanyahu deconstructs Israeli history for him, I see him thinking of the political ramifications of what he is saying, not thinking of the substance.

Like our president, all Americans need to listen to this man explain why, as I have suggested before, Israel cannot possibly negotiate with Hamas and why retracting it's borders would leave Israel indefensible to the threats that will inevitably strike.

William Sullivan

In case you cannot view the embedded video below, it can also be found here.

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