Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Politics of Breast Cancer Prevention

A Letter Sent to Susan G. Komen for the Cure:

To Whom It May Concern:

I have donated many times to your organization, and I firmly believe in cancer prevention and research. However, I have recently made the decision to end all donation to your organization until such time that I can be certain that my donations will be used specifically for that purpose, and that no portion of my donations will be used for other purposes, particularly by Planned Parenthood. I will urge others to do the same.

I have a deep disagreement with the practices of Planned Parenthood. It is not a matter of being or pro-life or pro-choice. I ask that you consider that it is not simply pro-life groups and individuals that oppose Susan G. Komen providing funding to Planned Parenthood. The morality of the practice of abortion aside, I believe Planned Parenthood preys on vulnerable and impressionable young women, coaxing them into abortions with the skill of used car salesmen. I have heard firsthand accounts of young, conflicted women being frightened by Planned Parenthood employees about the loss of social freedom a child brings, limited career opportunities, cost of diapers, shoes, etc. This is manipulative and unethical, especially given the nature of the emotional and personal choice each of these young women is facing.

Statistics show that the vast majority of Planned Parenthood's revenue generation is created by a business model of selling/providing abortions. The revenue funding this business is not segregated from Planned Parenthood's general account, which is why the group is under federal investigation- accused of using federal dollars from the Treasury to provide for abortions. To demand that all Americans provide, even in the slightest capacity, funding for the controversial practice is unethical, and currently, there is a clear question as to whether it is lawful.

Furthermore, a founding figure of Planned Parenthood was Margaret Sanger. Now, despite the ignorance of your average advocate of Planned Parenthood about this misunderstood figure, I have read much of her work. I know that she advanced the notion of eugenics, supported the sterilization of the racially and genetically "unfit," and the abortion of their children when contraception failed. These are the very ideas that, when put into strict practice, led to the ethnic cleansing of Europe under Nazi Germany. You might be apt to call this hyperbole, as this is all forgotten when one tries to paint Sanger as a "women's rights" figure, but should you feel compelled to do this, I suggest you pick up some copies of her work, and I would challenge anyone to refute the claim. As a women's advocacy group, you should be compelled to educate women about the origins of Planned Parenthood rather than propagating the group for the political benefit it affords you.

That said, I do believe in all Americans' right to donate to Planned Parenthood. Charitable donations are a matter of personal choice. I intend to exercise mine by seeing to it that I do not donate a dime to your organization until you can guarantee donors that funds will be used for specifically the purposes of cancer treatment and prevention.

With the utmost sincerity,

William J. Sullivan II


  1. Great letter, William! I also find itmobjectionable that today's nubile women are only taught that abortion and hormonal contraceptives will allow them the pleasures of sexual congress without also teaching them of the correlative relationship between having abortions and using hormonal contraceptives and the increased likelihood of developing breast cancer.

    Having worked as pregnancy care center volunteer, I've seen first hand the emotional scarring that comes from the lifestyle promoted by a wise section of society including our schools. This information msit be shared, particularly with those under the age of 16, over the age of 35, and those who have a family history that includes breast cancer.

    I always enjoy your American Thinker articles and am happy to have found your blog.

  2. Thank you very kindly, Robin! I have read a little bit about correlations between breast cancer and contraceptives, and I agree with you. It seems that the education most women recieve about contraception entails how to use the products in order to have sex freely- nothing more. It seems we're still choking on the fruits of 60s counterculture.

    I am also very happy you have found our blog, and I hope you will offer your thoughts when you may. If you found the blog from the American Thinker link, you may not know that I too live in Kingwood. Thank you for the local support!