Thursday, February 16, 2012

Who's Raping Who, Occupy? Olbermann and Breitbart Duke It Out

Andrew Breitbart doesn't like the Occupy movement.  Keith Olbermann couldn't love it more. These two just can't get along.

I smell a sitcom!

Breitbart has taken issue with the number of sexual indiscretions (just rapes, mostly) that have taken place at Occupy locations, and according to Keith Olbermann's impressive rant here, he's falsely accusing Occupiers as the perpetrators of said crimes rather than properly focusing on the fact that Occupiers are, in many cases, simply victims of the crimes.

I have to say it- and I rarely do- but I agree with Olbermann here. Breitbart's evidence does seem a tad on the inflated side. Tick a point for Olbermann, who all but lost me a couple of years ago when his best argument to prove allegations of racism in the Tea Party was, "How come there ain't no black faces?" Well done, Keith.

Thing is, it seems that Breitbart is working overtime to discredit Occupy. But please, America, for the love of God, Buddha, the ever-expanding cosmos, whatever you believe in, PLEASE stop assuming that it requires hyperbole or slander to discredit the Occupy movement. These guys are shitting on flags, turning beautiful taxpayer-funded parks into sewers, calling for immediate forgiveness of all debt (c'mon, do us a solid, China!) and saying that having a house- that's right, one of those things your parents saved for years to get- is a human right. These people do not "occupy" reality, and they fail to meet the basic levels of reason required to be a human being.

C'mon Andrew, Keith. Can't we just let bygones be bygones and just say that your little feud is pure partisanship, and just all agree that Occupy discredited itself a long time ago?

William Sullivan

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